Removal of snow & ice within 24 hours after each snowstorm

Village Law 194-22

The purpose of this article shall be to preserve the public peace and good order in the Village, to contribute to the public welfare, safety and good order of its people and to contribute to the safe conveyance of its people over the streets and sidewalks of the village by establishing certain regulations for the removal of snow and ice from the streets and sidewalks of the Village that are consistent with the rights and privileges of other residents of the Village.

Village Law 194-23

Duty to clear abutting sidewalks –

It shall be the duty of the owner and occupant, jointly, of every parcel of real estate adjoining a public sidewalk, whether the parcel of real estate is occupied by a structure or not, to keep such sidewalks adjoining such property free from snow and ice for the full paved width of such sidewalk.


Village Law 194-24

Time limit to remove snow and ice-

Snow and ice shall  be removed within twenty-four (24) hours after the end of snowfall. Sidewalks in front of commercial establishments and commercial parking lots shall  be kept free of snow and ice at all times.