Under the oversight of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Honeywell is conducting environmental investigations in Elmira Heights, south and east of the Facet Enterprises, Inc. Superfund Site facility.

Volatile organic compounds were detected in groundwater samples taken near the Facet Facility. VOC’s are a group of chemicals used in many industries with one of the common uses being as a solvent to remove oils and greases. Honeywell is undertaking the investigations to determine the extent to which VOC’s present in the groundwater are migrating from the facility.

As part of the investigation, Honeywell will perform geographical surveys along the southern and eastern boundary  of the Facet Facility, as well as a portion of W. 18th street and Glenwood Ave. The geophysical surveys are being performed to assess subsurface geology. The locations of the survey lines are shown in the figure below.

Geophysical surveys employ the use of specialized trucks and machinery which allow us to “see” subsurface features by producing either impacts or electrical pulses at the surface. Residents can expect to encounter or hear the equipment that will be used for each of these methods during the week of January 30th.

Proper notices will be distributed to residences in advance of any necessary street, street lane, parking or sidewalk closures and/or driveway restrictions. Further details on what can be expected during this investigation are provided by Honeywell at 609-218-4227 Victoria Streitfield.