Garbage Collection Days

In June of 2005, the Village of Elmira Heights and the City of Elmira signed an agreement whereby the City would collect the residential waste generated by the Village.

Under the agreement for shared services, the City is now collecting the refuse twice a week. On Tuesday the West side of the Village from Ashland Avenue to the Rail Road east of College Avenue will be collected, and on Wednesday the East side of the Village from the RR to the eastern Village line will be picked up. The savings on this service is substantial when compared with a service from a private contractor. The refuse collection is self sustained by the garbage sticker program. Residents can buy the stickers at the Clerk’s Office for $3.00 each.

Each household can put out a maximum of 3 bags up to 30 lbs each. A unit containing no more than 2 apartments can also put out a similar number. Units with more than 2 apartments can put out only 2 bags. For everyone, the recycling materials are collected without any charges to the Village or the residents.


The garbage stickers may be obtained by mail. Residents can send a self addressed stamped envelope along with a check and the stickers will be mailed.

For more information about this service and regulations attached to it, please call the Clerk at 607–734–7156.